Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Today was an early dismissal at 12:10 for parent teacher conferences this afternoon.  Our day started out in the computer lab typing up our personal narratives and practicing our spelling words.  The time in our classroom continued after IC Skills with math workshop.  We practiced estimating sums and differences by rounding, continuing our math lesson from Wednesday.  Next we did our spelling test.  Each word this week had 'or' within it.  We also got a glimpse at our story for next week in the form of a video made by Miss Staudt and Ms. Beatty (Mr. Feight did the filming).  Check it out:  The day ended with a kickoff of our new at-home reading challenge.  Miss Staudt introduced us to our new class pets, three small donkeys.  We got to name them (Chip, Chip 2, and Holla).  Chip 2 and Holla will be going on lots of adventures to each student's home over the next few months to make sure everyone is reading at home.  Chip will stay in our room and hang out with us :)

-Miss Staudt's Class

None!  Enjoy the weekend!

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