Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday, November 12, 2012

We got to school and glued our spelling words into our planners.  We did our graph sheets and our reflection sheet before watching Auto Be Good.  It was about self-control.  After Auto Be Good we had time to finish our graphs and reflection sheets.  I was done so I did some reading.  I am reading Captain Underpants - it is a great book so far!  In IC Skills we learned about technology and then we did a math review.  Next we worked on poetry.  Our poem this week is called Filling Up On Thanksgiving.  We read it together and then we could color it while Miss Staudt did read aloud.  Miss Staudt told us that we are going to have a poetry slam on Friday and we have to read a poem out loud.  Oh no! 

For reading, some people went with Ms. Beatty and some stayed with Miss Staudt.  I got to stay with Miss Staudt.  We were talking about sequencing things and that means putting the story events in order.  She read us a story and we did a paper about the events.  Next we went to science and did an experiment.  Then we went to recess and lunch.  When we came back in we did our review and practice things for math in our notebooks before art.  We finished the day doing more math.


Learning Targets:
Reading: I can put story events in order.  I recognize causes and effects.
Math: I can multiply by 10 and 100.

Read 20 Minutes
Vocabulary Sheet

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  1. Wow! You did an AWESOME job telling about the day! Great details :)