Monday, November 5, 2012

Photo Rewind #5

We've missed a couple of weeks but I wanted to share a few pictures!  We've been having such fun learning about the election process, nonfiction texts, and how to be good citizens!

We worked in groups to read nonfiction texts and practice asking lots of great questions while we are reading.

After we wrote great questions we created our own board games about the books we had read - our games were really creative and we had fun playing them!

PowerTower is a favorite math game in our room.  Here our future engineers combined the Power Tower cups from all three of our games into one huge tower!

We've been loving digging in to lots of great nonfiction books!

During Red Ribbon Week we were "Shading" out drugs and got to where our sunglasses one day!  Looks like there was plenty of sass in our room that day!

We've been focused hard on nonfiction text features and how they help us better understand nonfiction books.  One day we did a scavenger hunt to find lots of text features.  We used the iPads and took pictures of the examples we found!  The next day we glued these examples in our nonfiction text features booklet to use as references.

On Halloween we had a little bit of spooky fun talking about different genres of books.  We put the genres onto a spider web and made some thumbprint spiders along the edges.  The students have been talking about fingerprints in science, so this was a fun way to connect our learning!

One day in Social Studies we spent time learning about our rights as citizens by going on a hunt for our rights hidden around the room.

We put our rights as citizens into action on Tuesday, October 30 by voting in a nation-wide mock election.  The fouth graders got to be election officials and help make sure everyone got to vote.  According to the students, Barack Obama will be winning the election!

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