Monday, October 15, 2012

Photo Rewind #4

Another week has passed.  Here's what we were up to!

We practiced our citizenship skills and voted for two student leaders to represent our classroom!

Another fun way to practice our math facts!  In this one we see who can slap the answer fastest!

Here we were doing some reviewing before our math test.  We love to use maninipulatives as tools when we are solving math problems!

This shelf has books that we have borrowed from the AEA and it is an incredibly popular source of great reads!  We seem to have a class hooked on graphic novels!

We did some matching to review our states and capitals of the Northeast Region.  This pair was really thinking when they pulled out the map to help them out!

Sometimes we are all so buried in our books that Miss Staudt doesn't even want to interrupt us to start the next lesson!

And sometimes we just need to rest a moment (or just pose for a picture before heading back to our seats!)  Such a funny group!

Meet our new student leaders!  We are so excited to have them represent our class!

Our classroom library is a frequently visited place, and Miss Staudt LOVES when she catches students exploring new genres!

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