Friday, October 5, 2012

Photo Rewind #3

Our apologies for not posting this week!  Miss Staudt was gone all day Tuesday (read on to find out why!) and our student blogger let the blog sleep in his desk each night so it didn't get shared with you!  Next week!  We do have LOTS of pictures to share this week though, so you'll still have a pretty good idea of what went on all week in 129!

We've been working on the writing trait Ideas and did some prewriting for a story with groups after reading about the big idea of "be yourself" in A Bad Case of Stripes.
Miss Staudt was gone all day on Tuesday to the Great Lakes Regional Social Studies Conference in Des Moines.  She gave two presentations to other teachers and received an award for being the year's Outstanding New Social Studies Teacher!  The students were very proud!

Governor Branstad designated Wednesday, October 3 as a day focused on making our state more healthy.  We took part in the Healthiest State Walk and met Governor Branstad's challenge!

The fall colors made for a beautiful walk!

It was fun to walk with our friends!

In Social Studies we have been exploring the cultures of the people who first populated the United States by analyzing artifacts from each culture.  The group studying the Latino culture loved the bright colors in this traditional blanket!

After studying their culture, each group made a poster and shared the information with the rest of the class!

After reading our story this week - The Kid's Invention Book - we practiced our interview skills asking THICK questions to our friends who were pretending to be the characters in our book.  The students asked great questions and our volunteers showed off their understanding of our book!

We borrowed this number line from Mrs. Hansen and used it to practice some of our math facts.  It was nice to be up and moving while we were learning!  Check out our video update to see us in action!

In our story this week a boy invented a prosthetic for his friend so they could both play baseball.  We connected this idea with the questioning skills we have been working on and had a great learning experience!  Miss Staudt's uncle, Scott Dight, has worn prosthetic arms and legs since birth.  He answered lots of our questions about prosthetics and living with a disability.  Miss Staudt was so proud of how respectful the students were!

This week was Jahmen's turn to share something with the class.  He told us about his wrestling trophy and shoes!

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