Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday, October 8, 2012

We watched Auto B Good. Then we talked about it.  We went to IC Skills and helped Mrs. Staudt with books.  Then we went to the card catalog and did this test thing.  Then we had math.  We played math games.  Then we read our poem of the week and found the rhymes.  Next we started reading Super Chicken Nugget Boy and the Furious Fry.  It is about a new kid and a bully.  Then we worked on questions while we read.  Next we had science.  Then we went to recess, lunch, and math.  Next we went to art and finished our clay project.  Then we watched a movie!  Then we talked about the movie and did some work on QAR.  We read to self before we went home.


(Wow!  You really covered our whole day! - Miss Staudt)

Learning Targets:
Reading: I know the difference between In the book and In my Head QARS.
Math: I can solve basic addition problems.

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