Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

We must have had a full day today - my blogger didn't even have time to write a post!  I'm excited to get a moment to share how our year is going though.  This is such a wonderful group of students - they are all hard workers and bring the biggest smiles to my face each day!  We are all really enjoying the new math materials this year and can't wait to get another turn with the iPads! 

Today we worked on friendly letters in writing, reviewed the Distributive Property of Multiplication in our math workshop, learned about some of our word work activities to practice spelling, finished reading our story, and did a scavenger hunt to learn about the geographic features of the Northeast region - all before lunch!  In the afternoon we learned about dividing by 0 and 1 in math, filled out our profiles for our pen pals, and had PE.  In every spare moment students were reading, writing, and practicing their math facts - they hate when I tell them to close up their books!  What a wonderful problem to have!

-Miss Staudt

Learning Targets:
Reading: I can make and confirm predictions.
Writing: I can label the parts of a friendly letter.
Math: I can use multiplication facts to understand division.
Social Studies: I can label the geographic features of the Northeast.

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