Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Today we had music and PE and we did social studies on landforms.  We did lesson 1-3 in Math and we learned a word called Commutative when we talked about the Commutative Property of Multiplication.  During read aloud Miss Staudt shared the book Word After Word After Word by Patricia Maclachlan.


(Great first post, Claudio!  I am so excited to have the students taking over the blogging each day!)

Learning Targets (I will also share the learning targets we have worked on each day so students or parents have a record of what we have covered and parents may check here to ask a more specific question than "What did you learn today?" - you'll really know what they learned if you ask about one of these targets and don't get a response!)
Reading - I can identify story elements when reading.
Writing - I can respond to a given prompt.
Math - I can use multiplication properties.
Social Studies - I can recognize and name landforms.

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