Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

First we came in and did the number of the day, it was 59.  Next was the announcements.  Then Miss Staudt said the learning goals for today, the schedule, and what we were doing.  We had pajama day and we were having a cozy day - it was fun!  It was way noisy this morning though, Miss Staudt even said!  Next we got out our reading book and read our story - The Kids' Invention Book.  Then we went to PE and everyone got sweaty because their pajamas were hot.  Next we played Sparkle, it is a really fun game!  Then we went to science, read a good book, and went to lunch and recess.  It was cccoooolllddd outside!  Miss Staudt let us have nap time for 5 minutes when we came in and then we talked about what needs to change in Mason City.  Next we wrote again about our "Nothing Ever Happens in Miss Staudt's Class" stories.  Next we did math.  Then Ethan shared some sand he got from Austrailia.  It was full of different colors.  After recess we went to see our reading buddies do their play and got to do some reading.


Learning goals today:
I put "poetry in my pudding" (I use figurative language in my writing!)
I can find perimeter.

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