Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday, January 16, 2012

We're back at the blogging!  Sorry for the week off last week!

First we read for about 10 minutes.  Next we did guided reading.  Then we went to IC Skills and Mrs. Staudt showed us her website.  It is called Click it 2 learn.  Next we took the spelling pretest.  Then we had social studies and we played Jeopardy, team one won.  Then we read the London Eye Mystery.  Next we had lunch and recess.  Then we had writing.  We wrote a bit of a story called "Nothing Ever Happens in Miss Staudt's Class."  Then the janitors opened the window and everyone was pretty much shivering.  Then everyone went to get their coats.  Next we had math.  It was fun, we got to play with pretzels.  Next we went out to recess.  Then we played social studies bingo.  Three people won and they all got smart beads.  Finally, we went home.


(What a great summary of our day Skylar!  I like the way you used transistion words to show the order and included some fun facts about the things we were doing! - Miss Staudt)

Learning goals:
I can define my vocabulary words.
I can find perimeter.

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