Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday, December 3, 2012

This morning we had an assembly and all of us got a PBIS ticket! (MISS STAUDT IS SO PROUD!)  After the assembly we went to IC Skills and it was pretty fun.  Now we are in the classroom doing math games - chutes and ladders.  After that we are doing read aloud.  Miss Staudt is reading to us.  Now that we are done with thatit is time for group rotations.  Soon later it is time for science.  Ten minutes after science is over it is recess time.  Right after recess, we walk from recess to lunch.  We go to it and today we had chicken nuggets.  After that we go to the classroom and we start math.  After we did a timed test it we went to art.  Art is 45 minutes long and when that is done it is time for recess.  Awhile after that we go tot he classroom and it is time for our reading and writing rotations.  Now it is time to go home and Miss Staudt dismisses us to leave.


(Wow, Sebastian!  Great use of sequencing and transition words!  You kept the whole day in order! - Miss Staudt)

Learning Targets:
Reading: I can give evidence of a character's traits.

  • Read 20 minutes
  • Write the spelling words from weeks 1 and 2 of this theme 3 times each (the -ar and -or words!)

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