Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Monday, May 7, 2012

Goodness!  Somehow we let almost a month go by without any posts! Things have been busy here in room 129 as we work to finish things up before the end of the school year!  Thankfully, these students are right on top of things and we're back to blogging!  Please check out our Graffiti project on the website too - lots of great work happening!

This morning we did our jobs, listened to announcements, and read quietly.  Then we started to fill other people's buckets.  Then we started writing on our cupcakes and shared them before our spelling pretest.  After the pretest we wrote our words in our planners and worked on our Mother's Day posters.  Then we went to PE.  After PE we read for awhile and then went to science.  Then we had lunch and recess.  Mrs. Despenas came for guidance and we did writing.  After writing we took a math test during math.  Then we went outside for recess, read, and went home!


Learning goals:
I can draw, measure, and classify angles.

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