Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday, November 28, 2011

Welcome back!  I hope everyone enjoyed their break!  We have some changes beginning in our room as we start the new semester including a slightly new arrangement, some new math challenges, slight changes to our daily schedule, and the use of a new blog by the students!  We'll still be posting here each day, but we're using KidBlog as a home for each of the students' own blogs.  This safe environment allows each student to post their own ideas and comment on each others' posts while I moderate everything.  We tried it out today and loved it - I'm excited to see how we can use it as the year goes on!

Today we played some time games in math, went to science, and worked with Mrs. Zanios.  We also started a new story for the week and had PE.


Our learning targets today were:
I can read the time on a clock.
I ask questions when I'm reading.

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