Friday, September 2, 2011

Day 2

We had another busy day today!  Lots of review and practice of procedures around the classroom including a role play of what to do if Miss Staudt suddenly got sick!  The kids are catching on to how we do things quickly and we're working on getting back in school mode with our volume levels and talking - we certainly have a chatty class! 

We did get a chance to learn about each other with some sharing this afternoon and together we reached our first mini goal of 10 tokens for good behavior.  Because of our success with tokens, the students got to use the last five minutes of the day as 'free' time to draw, read, or talk quietly with a friend.  We've set our new goal at 50 tokens and are working toward getting to have lunch in the courtyard!

Enjoy the long weekend!  We'll be back in action on Tuesday at 9:15!

-Miss Staudt

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